"You can't stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere, and the world will have to readjust.
World governments will have to readjust.” - John McAfee, Founder of McAfee Anti-Virus Software
BITCOIN: "Get In While You Can"
Three Massive Societal Shifts Are About to
Propel Bitcoin Into a Dominant World Currency
You simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines watching this take place.
And if you do it right, you can enter the exciting world of Bitcoin and digital “cryptocurrency” safely and easily — before the window of greatest opportunity closes forever.
The stories are riveting.

Everyone involved in Bitcoin has his own tale bemoaning when he COULD HAVE gotten in … but for whatever reason put it off.

Others want to pull out their hair because they got in but didn’t treat it seriously enough at the time to get in properly or take full advantage.

Stories like . . .

— “I heard about Bitcoin on NPR years ago. Couldn’t convince my wife to let me invest in it and we bought a new TV instead. Today? For what I paid for that stupid TV ... I could’ve made $2.3 million already!”

— “My brother tried talking me into Bitcoin after hearing that two of the founders of PayPal were investing in it in a really big way. Took me a year to finally get in. That year of waiting cost me at least $800,000. Makes me want to pound my head against a wall.”

— “Three months ago I bought a Porsche, paying cash. Just did the math … If I had put that money into Bitcoin instead, I could pull out enough today to buy the Porsche and STILL have 175% of my money continuing to grow in my Bitcoin account! Had I opted for Bitcoin, I could have essentially gotten the Porsche for free.”

With the huge surge in cryptocurrencies we’ve seen over the past year (Bitcoin up 2,418%, Ethereum up fully 8,979%!), these kinds of stories are turning up daily.

And if you could peek in on the private group chats of Bitcoin enthusiasts who got in just a year or two ago, you would be just as invigorated by the stories being shared.

Bitcoin (as of Jan 2nd)
Market Cap = $253 Billion
Today's Value: $14,866
UP 2,418% in the past year.

Had you invested $2,000 in BTC a year ago, it would be worth $50,360 today.

Ethereum (as of Jan 2nd)
Market Cap = $86 Billion
Today's Value: $869 
UP 8,979% in past year.

Had you invested $2,000 in ETH a year ago, it would be worth $181,580 today!
"I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something — like change the world."

 ~ Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal

"Bitcoin is a techno tour de force."

 ~ Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

"Bitcoin is a remarkable crypto-graphic achievement, and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value."

 ~ Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

But the Most Amazing Thing Is . . . It’s All Still Just Getting Started!
Looking at the huge gains we've seen, many might think that it's "too late" to get in ...
But that's not the case at all.

Because the fact is, things are still only beginning. What's more, here in the final quarter of 2017, we find ourselves at a unique point in the emerging cryptocurrency revolution.

Bitcoin itself has only been around about 7 years. Early on, with very few resources available to support the buying, selling, and trading of Bitcoin, getting involved in cryptocurrency was quite challenging.

Back then, it was all mostly in the hands of reclusive computer programmers, the earliest “miners” of the first coins. If you weren’t in that small in-group, you had a hard time doing much.

But things have changed, and only very recently . . .

A new world has emerged.
Today there are any number of online resources enabling anyone to jump on-board.

There are polished, professional apps you can now use right on your smartphone to buy, sell, and trade dozens of different cryptocurrencies.

And then there are extraordinary devices available now (right on Amazon.com) for use as “hardware wallets,” enabling you to easily move your accounts off your computer and off any centralized exchanges, and instead store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in perfect safety, where your savings are utterly impregnable to hackers, where you can then carry it all with you anywhere in the world, or simply tuck it away securely in a fire-proof safe or in a safety deposit box if you prefer.

But here’s the thing . . .

We have JUST REACHED this unique moment in time where getting involved in Bitcoin has become convenient and accessible … and SAFE — if you know your way around.

But NONE of this has quite hit the mainstream yet.
That’s what’s so incredible about RIGHT NOW.

Because here in late 2017, things are JUST ACCESSIBLE ENOUGH to get in … BEFORE things become SO ACCESSIBLE that EVERYONE jumps in.

When everyone starts to jump in, things are going to completely go through the roof.

And even given the amazing growth of Bitcoin the past two years, it’s nothing compared to the avalanche of money about to hit the market.

We're already seeing the first signs . . .

Just have a look at the huge acceleration of value we are seeing in Bitcoin (and in the burgeoning world of digital currencies, this is actually considered a sedate pace!):
From $0 to $1,000 ... took 1,789 days.
To reach $2,000 ... took another 1,271 days.

But then?

To reach $3,000 ... took only 23 more days.
To reach $4,000 ... took only 62 more days.
To reach $5,000 ... took only 61 more days.
To reach $6,000 ... took only 8 more days (!)
To reach $7,000 ... took only 13 more days (!)
To reach $8,000 ... took only 14 more days (!)
To reach $9,000 ... took only 9 more days (!)
To reach $10,000 ... took only 2 more days (!)
To reach $11,000 ... took only 4 more days (!)
To reach $12,000 ... took only 5 more days (!)
To reach $13,000 ... took only 1 more day (!)
To reach $14,000 ... took only 1 more day (!)
To reach $15,000 ... took only 1 more day (!)
To reach $16,000 ... took only 3 more days (!)

More Impressively, This Means:

Bitcoin doubled from 1K to 2K in 1,271 days . . .
Then doubled again from 2K to 4K in only 85 days!
Then doubled again from 4K to 8K in only 96 days!
Then doubled again from 8K to 16K in only 26 days!

This kind of growth is beyond Wall Street's dreams.
Market Capitalization of Cryptocurrency
and the Incredible BOOM of 2017:

End of 2014 = $4.3 billion
End of 2015 = $6.8 billion
End of 2016 = $16 billion
End of 2017 = $680 billion (!!!)
"Stock picker Ronnie Moas, who predicted $5,000 bitcoin, says it's on track to top Apple's market cap of $806 billion. ... Bitcoin's price could jump to $50,000 in the next decade."

 ~ CNBC.com
"In 5 years EVERYONE is going to need to own some Bitcoin. It's going to transform our financial landscape.  

And I can tell you now: what's going to matter most — to YOU — is just how early in the game you got yours.  

And how smart you went about it." 

 ~ Mike Newton, Founder and CEO of Blockchain Bottom Line

Limited Supply + Huge Demand:

Unlike gold, where there’s no way of knowing how much will ever be mined … and unlike the US dollar, which can be printed at whim and diluted to next to no value whatsoever …

Bitcoin truly IS a limited commodity.

As of December 2017, only 4.4 million more Bitcoins will EVER be mined.

It’s built into the code that way.

And this is why the value of each of these coins is going to reach values beyond the imagination of virtually everyone alive today.

This is why we are seeing the surge in market capitalization in cryptocurrency . . .
"This kind of stuff just doesn't happen on Wall Street ...  

"You'd have to use a highly-leveraged futures or options contract and be right about your trade selection a half-dozen times in a row to come anywhere close to approaching the return numbers like these you've seen in Bitcoin this year. 

"The returns you're seeing are not just something that's difficult to match on Wall Street — it's something that's simply not possible. 

"The big ballers who work on Wall Street get paid millions for being able to achieve a 20% return in any given year — and they're not even able to do that on any consistent basis.

What you have going right now is an absolute miracle.  Getting into Bitcoin in 2017 may just rank as the greatest decision you'll ever make in your life."

~ M. Sotka (Active Bond Trader w/ 22 Years of Experience)
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Surge
Seriously — take a minute to look at those numbers again. We have seen a HUGE surge this past year.
Then consider the implications should that trend continue — as it must, with more and more people getting involved … more and more Bitcoin businesses starting up every day … more and more money flowing into what in the past year has skyrocketed from a $16 billion market ... to a $680 BILLION market.

Yet all of this is only - just - getting - started.

And we KNOW this, because several massive shifts are about to take place around the world that will catapult the use (and value) of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to stratospheric heights as yet considered all but unimaginable.

But before we come to those, keep in mind . . .
None of This Has To Do With Bitcoin Supplanting the Dollar
Everything being discussed here completely leaves aside the GARGANTUAN world-changing possibilities inherent in Bitcoin if it were to become a dominant world currency.

The power of cryptocurrency rests in the power of the cryptography on which it is based. How powerful is it? Well, consider this: the estimated cost in resources to counterfeit a single Bitcoin and add it to the blockchain? Over $30 BILLION.

That's some strong code...

Combine this with the distributed nature of Bitcoin, being hosted on computers all over the world, and you can begin to understand what makes it so incredibly secure, and why countries could realistically turn to it to replace their outmoded paper currency.

Think about that.

Replacing the fiat currency in ANY major country around the world would drive Bitcoin to the moon.
(Just imagine what would happen to the value of Bitcoin if even a single country like France were to shift its market capitalization of TWO TRILLION over to digital cryptocurrency ... It would be staggering.)

And in these times of tremendous financial uncertainty, that’s actually not too hard to imagine anymore.
The money situation worldwide is becoming increasingly terrifying to anyone watching it closely. 

With everything over-inflated, with debt at all-time highs, and with the rest of the world becoming increasingly skeptical of the US dollar — many authorities are beginning to predict a great crash.
Furthermore, look at history. People have always looked for a safe haven in times of financial uncertainty ...

But where traditionally gold has served as one of those havens, gold is looking rather cumbersome these days.

Whereas with Bitcoin, you’re talking a viable alternative to gold — one FAR easier to move around, and FAR easier to actually put to use in transactions.

Which is why the value of Bitcoin goes UP every time we see any kind of financial uncertainty in the news.
But let’s leave all that aside for now.

Let’s instead look at three major societal shifts that are far more likely — if not guaranteed — to happen in the near-term.

There is already over $680 billion in Bitcoin and the other leading cryptocurrencies. Any one of the following shifts could double, triple, even quadruple that figure virtually overnight.

Swiss Bank Accounts
Ain’t What They Used To Be
According to Forbes Magazine, after an in-depth analysis of global banking, "The extremely wealthy have accumulated at least $21 TRILLION in secretive offshore accounts."
That is a lot of money hidden away.

That's a sum equal to the gross domestic products of the United States and Japan added together.
And since Swiss Banks aren't anonymous any longer (after the IRS brought down its weight upon them), consider for a moment just how safe that money really is, sitting in bank accounts maintained not by a substantial and respected nation but by the shadiest and most corrupt of small governments in all the backward corners of the world.

In light of the recent "Paradise Papers" leak concerning thousands of such accounts (some of them held by the likes of the Queen of England, the Canadian Prime Minister, and members of Trump's cabinet), you can be sure the rich and lofty are fast becoming justifiably nervous.

Honestly — if YOU had millions you wished to hide away, would you trust it to shifty off-shore banks in the hands of questionable foreigners, susceptible at any time to theft, seizure, or exposure?

Or would you simply convert it to an anonymous, untraceable, totally secure digital currency like Bitcoin?

Once converted to Bitcoin, an individual's entire holdings (hundreds of millions even) can literally be carried anywhere in the world ... in the owner's head ... in the form of a 24-word secret passphrase.

What's more, it can be easily moved anonymously, split up, transferred anywhere in the world — without making a single phone call or having to place trust in a single other human being.

Doesn't that make a lot more sense than trusting the backward bank of some banana republic to keep your money (and your identity) safe and secure?

So now consider: If even ONE TENTH of that offshore sum were moved into the safety of the Bitcoin blockchain, we're talking a shift of $2 TRILLION into crypto . . . and an immediate TENFOLD increase in the global market cap of cryptocurrency.

And that's if only 10% of the offshore holdings were shifted into Bitcoin.
Imagine if it ended up being two or three times that.

And really, this can happen very easily. Likely over the span of just a few months.

Fact is, as governments continue to spy on their citizens and over-regulate how money moves (in their efforts to tax the rich into oblivion), smart people will ultimately move to a currency or store of value that provides far better privacy and portability.

Bitcoin can provide all that and more. Right now.

The Blockchain:
Because This is Much, Much Bigger Than Just Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a "cryptocurrency," which means it's built upon cryptography ... and really, really hard math.

The mathematical side of Bitcoin rests in large part on the Blockchain — an absolutely revolutionary technological breakthrough in applied math, which essentially makes it possible for every single transaction in Bitcoin to become permanently hard-encoded into the ongoing record hosted on all the computers supporting the Blockchain around the world.

You don't need to understand the math, but you should know this much:

— The Blockchain is permanent. And unless you're able to hack over 51% of the computers running it all over the planet simultaneously, it's unbreakable.

— The Blockchain is robust and secure. At latest estimates, using the strongest computers on the planet, trying to counterfeit a single Bitcoin would still require $30 Billion in resources.

— The Blockchain is flexible in its functionality. Some variants on Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, are designed in such a way as to store much more information in the Blockchain. "Smart contracts" are the most important innovation thus far, along with exciting multi-signature functions for accessing or transferring them. 

(Imagine the capabilities of such contracts in the world of business, being able to record a contract and render it permanent — incapable of being lost or forged or altered.)

The Blockchain technology itself is already revolutionizing the world of digital commerce ... and we've only seen the very earliest uses.

Soon companies all over the world will be using Blockchain technology (and the cryptocurrencies in which it is embedded) for permanent record storage, property titles, online healthcare profiles, and endless other uses where an unalterable, un-hackable, un-censorable permanent record is of value.

But let's look even beyond this.

We are also about to see the rise of Bitcoin as the large-scale medium of exchange employed by international mega-corporations. Take the gigantic Russian oil companies, who are already openly discussing switching to Bitcoin as the fastest, most efficient, and least expensive means of transferring gargantuan sums of money.

(And really, can you blame them? If you had hundreds of millions of dollars to move around each month, would you put your trust in Russian banks if you didn't have to?!)

We've already seen the United Nations advocate the use of Bitcoin as a means of moving funds into impoverished nations where the banks and officials cannot be trusted. This shift will inevitably lead to the extension of Blockchain technology for creating permanent records and documentation free from censorship.

Even centralized banks are actively looking at ways to begin employing Blockchain technology in their internal transfers of money. The "central clearinghouse" approach currently employed by large banks is so outdated it's become an absolute absurdity in today's digital age. And the banks know it better than anyone.

As soon as one major industry — oil? banking? telecommunications? — shifts to using Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology to move around huge sums of money or record vast databases of important records, we are going to see a massive corresponding surge in the value of Bitcoin worldwide.

And once one industry makes the move, you can be sure the others won't be far behind. 
Bitcoin Hits Wall Street
Like a Bombshell
Just recently we have seen another exciting shift. Not only can you now set up your Roth IRA to roll over into Bitcoin, you'll soon be able to assign Bitcoin to your investment portfolio.

This is huge. This means that for the first time we are going to see major institutional investors allocating sizeable chunks of their multi-billion-dollar portfolios in Bitcoin.

Tens of thousands of investors will immediately be able to "get into Bitcoin" without having to know how any of it works, without having to even worry about managing their own accounts or keeping track of their own coins.

The investment firms will reap most of the rewards, of course. But still — this is going to make for a massive infusion of funds into the Bitcoin universe.

As soon as this goes into effect, with how fast the world of Wall Street can move (and the huge perceived profits to be realized), the market capitalization of cryptocurrency could literally double to $604 billion overnight.

This could be the biggest bombshell to hit Wall Street (in a good way) since the dotcom boom.
Which is yet another reason you're going to want to be in this before it hits.

Truly, with billions moving into the system every day, and countless billions more about to surge into Bitcoin — this is a rocket, and it's taking off.

And while it would obviously have been nice to get in at the very beginning, the important thing is that we're actually still at the start of it all.

What matters now is that you get on board anywhere you can — before the institutional money comes in and this rocket really lifts off.

There is simply no other asset class today that has the potential to not only create massive wealth very quickly, but to disrupt nearly every industry on Earth in the next few years.

If you miss this tech explosion you will be kicking yourself for the rest of your life.
So — You're Interested? You Should Be.
But Don't Just Jump In Blind.
Here's what you don't want to do:
You don't want to just run off and open a Coinbase account (or download some random app to your phone) and start throwing money in there.

There are smart ways and dumb ways of getting started in Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies.

What you don't want to do is rush into this blind, leaving gaping holes in your security (putting all of your future earnings at risk, and perhaps risking government scrutiny at some future date).

What you don't want to do is make some terrible mistake early on that ends up losing you all of your coins and all of your money somewhere down the road.

Getting into Bitcoin is so much easier nowadays than it was even a few years back, but you still need to know what you're doing.

It's still just-technical-enough to demand careful attention.

But with a little training (and a few important key strategies and operating practices, based on the most secure tools and resources out there), you'll be confidently and capably navigating the world of cryptocurrency in no time at all.

Which is why you want to start here . . .
"Blockchain Bottom Line":
The safest, most effective training on
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.
(So you don't screw things up.)
You're entering a serious new world with serious money at stake. You want to do it right. Because if you don't ... bad things can happen.

Like losing all your money.

Or like finding yourself being investigated by the IRS or the FBI.

Not that there's anything illegal about investing in Bitcoin — but there's no sense in attracting scrutiny you don't need to attract.

And you certainly don't want to realize some afternoon 10 years from now that a simple mistake you made when you first started out ended up costing you everything you had built up.
This is why you need "Blockchain Bottom Line."
Consider this the mandatory training on how to properly invest in Bitcoin, build your cryptocurrency fortune over the years ahead, and protect it (and yourself) from day one.

Set up entirely on a secure training site, Blockchain Bottom Line will cover everything you need to know about this powerful new technology. Including . . .
  • Precisely how Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain all work.

  •  What it is that makes this new technology so powerful — and how it is going to change the world.

  • How to invest in this new currency securely and privately. (Ensuring completely financial privacy from the very start is vital. No other online courses will show you this!)

  •  Why maintaining your portfolio on popular exchanges like Coinbase is exactly the wrong thing to do. (Here you'll learn why external wallets are ideal, which are the best, and exactly how to configure and maintain them for impeccable security beyond the reach of any hackers.)
  •  Jason Bourne worthy super-spy techniques for traveling the world with your entire financial holdings safely stored in your head — and how to then access them from any computer or smart phone on the planet.
  •  (As well as how to confidently sail through any request to view your hard wallets storing your coins. This trick makes it possible to satisfy anyone that you only have a very little money, while keeping your main stash completely invisible and securely tucked away.)

  •  The most effective ways to profitably shift funds in and out of various "alt coins" to steadily build up your Bitcoin holdings — safely, easily, and without any sophisticated market analysis — without falling for all the pump-and-dump schemes and "crap coins" being foisted by unscrupulous "experts" and their sketchy "financial newsletters."

  •  The safest means of moving cash in and out of Bitcoin without attracting the attentions of various government agencies. (You'll learn how to hide your money — legally — and essentially become your own bank, so that no one can ever seize your assets or even prove that you have assets.)
All of this is essential knowledge if you're going to capably and confidently enter the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and secure your foothold before the market explodes and entire industries begin to shift because of this new technology.
With the right training up front you can navigate this extraordinary new world like a seasoned trader.

And that kind of quality training is precisely what you're going to enjoy by signing up for Blockchain Bottom Line.

Learn to Live the "Cryptocurrency Lifestyle" ... the Way It's Meant To Be Lived
Let me introduce you to the man.

His name is Mike Newton, and he's the mind behind Blockchain Bottom Line.

A long-established professional crypto investor, Mike Newton really stepped into the limelight in May 2016 with his appearance at an exclusive private $10,000 mastermind group run by legendary entrepreneur Matt Trainer.

At that mastermind event, Mike delivered a session on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing that utterly captivated his audience . . . and led to over half a dozen of those in attendance going on to generate 10X to 15X returns on their investments in cryptocurrencies over the next twelve months.

(The content covered in that session actually ended up forming the core training now included in Blockchain Bottom Line. But the material since then has grown, as the possibilities have multiplied.)

Mike himself is obsessed with both the technology behind Bitcoin as well as the philosophical-economic implications of decentralized currency (including the effect it will have on major industries in the years to come).

It is in large measure this obsession that sets him apart from others in the field.

With Mike Newton you have a talented teacher who is not only hugely successful at what he does, but who actually lives the Bitcoin lifestyle already.

And he has fun with it. 

This past summer, on a lark, Mike proved that you can travel the world entirely on Bitcoin. 

And on returning home he demonstrated that you can even use Bitcoin to fulfill some the most unexpected personal ambitions — in his case the purchase of his dream car: a 1966 Ford Bronco.

The excitement, passion, and humor Mike brings to Blockchain Bottom Line makes the entire experience of mastering the world of Bitcoin an adventure you'll never forget.

Because in the end it's not just about successfully navigating the world of cryptocurrency, but also about creating a very cool life for yourself and your family.

How Much Will This Cost?
Based on how fast you can recoup your investment (a day or two?), this training should be priced FAR higher than it is . . .
But right now the important thing is to help as many people as we can to get involved (safely and intelligently) in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

Having a bunch of untrained people running around losing their money doesn't help anyone. 

Instead, we need to grow the base of properly trained and educated, capable, successful investors if we're to help this revolution expand as efficiently as possible.

Which is why we are looking at the long game and releasing this training
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* Protecting yourself from the most devious intrusion tactics now in play.

This bonus training will quite seriously level-up your entire digital presence, setting you up with the habits (and the most effective tools) that will lift you out of the reach of 99.999% of the hackers out there actively trying to rob, steal, and ruin lives. 

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"I want to share that Mike Newton and Blockchain Bottom Line has been life changing to me. This probably sounds like hype, but please hear me out. Mike introduced me to Bitcoin & crypto back in May 2016... and as I was just getting to know him, I was hesitant to reach out and ask for help. I tried to learn it all myself having a highly technical nature and background, but because I was busy, I quickly felt it was just too much and I ignored it. That was... until around November 2016 and I noticed that the price of BTC had gone from about $450 in May... to the $700's in November. I quickly found my motivation to take the time to dive in. I was very overwhelmed... and at the time Blockchain Bottom Line wasn't in existence yet. But with just a few quick tips, I was able to finally figure out how to get some of my fiat currency into bitcoin. I can't say it's all been an easy road over the year since I first dove in... at least not when I go it alone. But I can say that following what Mike teaches in Blockchain Bottom Line and in person... It's a huge time-saver & relieves my emotions. Truly, Mike's influence has changed my life in a very significant way... and all from this crazy, kindhearted, super intelligent long-bearded guy who spoke at a mastermind I was in back in May 2016. Thank you for everything Mike, especially your patience and heart to serve and help others like me become more sovereign... And thank you for Blockchain Bottom Line — it literally answers most of the questions I have before I even need to ask you! On behalf of myself, my family, and so many others that I've been able to open their eyes to this world... our lives will never be the same again!"

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~ Gary C. (St. Louis, MO)

"Mike Newton is the only person that I trust in the crypto space. If he speaks on a subject, you can be sure he’s done the research and taken time to critically analyze all of the counter points and points of view before formulating his position.  

And I don’t use the word trust lightly. There are enough charlatans and imposters online, that it’s easy to lose faith. Mike is transparent and authentic, offering only his unbiased analysis.  

This course is thorough, but easy to digest and understand. This will be foundational knowledge in the economy of the very near future. By mastering the information in this course, you’ll be ahead of 99% of the world population. That’s a tremendous opportunity. 

The investments I’ve made by applying Mike’s analysis have easily outperformed my investments in stocks, bonds, real estate, or gold! My only mistake was not taking his advice sooner or with a more substantial capital investment. I’ve returned over 15x my early investments.  

-Brian S. (San Diego, CA)

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: "Isn't it too late to get in at this point?"

Absolutely not. In fact, this is the perfect time to get in. Granted, it would have been nice to have been one of the very first adopters. But you need to remember that it was very difficult back then and pure speculation for the first six years or so. Only the last few years have we seen the huge developments that make it safe and easy to purchase Bitcoin and trade in the latest cryptocurrencies. We are sitting right now in the sweet spot, just before the rocket takes off and heads to the moon.

Q: "What if I can't even afford one Bitcoin? Is it still worthwhile to invest?"

No one says you need to own a full Bitcoin. Indeed, there will only ever be 21 million of them. So most people will never own an entire Bitcoin — certainly not when the price of one goes through the roof. But unlike a dollar, a Bitcoin can be divided effortlessly into the smallest of slices. People will one day routinely transact in millionths of a Bitcoin (a "milli-bit"). Right now your best bet is to get in wherever you can get in, even if it's only a small fraction of a coin. In fact, don't think of it as "a coin" at all. Think of it as an investment account. You want to get whatever you can get invested before we see the massive surge in price over the next year. Again, it's a rocket. You just need to make sure you are on board.

Q: "Shouldn't I instead invest in inexpensive alternate digital currencies?"

Not necessarily. Most of those are fly-by-night coins that won't even exist a year from now. Only a few are worth investing in (the ones with the greatest utility and real-world uses), but those are all highly speculative still, largely unproven. You'll learn which to move into (and when) in Blockchain Bottom Line. But the starting point should always be Bitcoin.

Q: "What strategy do you need other than buy some Bitcoin and hold it?"

On the one hand, if you simply have a great deal of money to invest, that might prove a perfectly sound approach. However, for most, the idea should be to get some Bitcoin ... and then leverage it through intelligent selective forays into alternate cryptocurrencies ... then collect your earnings to bolster your Bitcoin holdings over time. It's also important to keep in mind the immensely important issue of crypto security. If you aren't setting up your positions properly and handling your private keys like a pro, you could be putting everything you invest at risk. Blockchain Bottom Line will remove that risk.

Q: "How secure IS Bitcoin? What's to keep it from being hacked?"

The mathematics behind Bitcoin literally make it the most secure form of currency ever devised. Add to this the fact that in order to "hack" Bitcoin someone would need to literally hack 51% of all the computers hosting the Blockchain worldwide ... at exactly the same time. If that sounds impossible, it's because it is. Your credit card can be stolen; your bank account can be hijacked; but with the right security protocols in place, your Bitcoin will be the safest asset you ever own.

Q: "What if the government outlaws Bitcoin?"
The fact that Bitcoin is hosted on computers all over the world makes it impossible for a government (ANY government) to shut it down. A government could of course make it more difficult to move money into and out of Bitcoin — but this is precisely one of the reasons Bitcoin is so vitally important. The more pressure governments put on Bitcoin, the more valuable it will become to all those who are using it.

Q: "What if all the computers go down?"
To bring all the computers down worldwide would involve an event of such magnitude that civilization itself would be at risk of collapse. But should that ever happen? Bitcoin would actually survive — because the entire blockchain is being stored on a satellite orbiting the Earth. Seriously.

Q: What’s so wrong with banks? What’s so wrong with Western Union and PayPal? What’s so wrong with credit cards?

Lots of things. And you'll learn about many of the problems with the current centralized systems in the training. But here are two of the most obvious problems: First, when someone else (a bank, a company, a government) controls your money ... it's not really your money. It's certainly anything but private. Second, within the current systems the transfer of funds is costly. So costly, in fact, that for many people in the world sending money to family members in other countries is all but impossible. And very small transactions are impossible. Consider how different the world will be (and the effect on the popularity of Bitcoin) when micro-transactions become the norm. Right now you can Skype someone across the world and talk over the internet by video conferencing for free. But you can't send someone you admire on YouTube even 5 cents as a tip. Cryptocurrencies change all of that.

Q: Where do I actually spend my bitcoin?

In most cities you can purchase any number of things privately with Bitcoin (cars and houses, even). But apart from such one-on-one local transactions, already there are companies online accepting Bitcoin as payment. Even some quite large ones, like Overstock.com. And over the years ahead we are going to see more and more joining the crowd. It's a smart move, too. Because the earliest adopters will be acquiring Bitcoin while the price is comparatively LOW. (Overstock, for instance, has a policy in place where they are deliberately saving 50% of all the Bitcoin they collect as payments. You can imagine how valuable those holdings will prove in the years ahead.) Online services will prove one of the most likely early adopters to accept Bitcoin. But ultimately, it could very well end up that Bitcoin evolves to serve primarily as a store of value, like blocks of digital gold, while some other cryptocurrency (something lighter and faster) becomes the unit of currency we employ in day-to-day transactions (buying a cup of coffee, ordering a book from Amazon, etc.) You would then convert your Bitcoin holdings into the other currencies as needed. It's all still coming together. Which is why these are such exciting times.

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PPS: Prefer to pay with Bitcoin? If you are 100% confident in how to do so properly, send us an email and we will be happy to arrange this with you. But for most, it would be much better to go through this course first before doing anything further with your Bitcoin holdings.  
Financial Disclaimer: Nothing on this page is to be construed as "financial advice." The whole point expressed here is that you should NOT invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without the proper training. The entire market is considered speculative right now, and you need to learn to navigate it capably. That is WHY we recommend this training specifically and strongly encourage you to NOT invest ANYTHING until you are appropriately trained and equipped to make sound judgements. What's more, as always, past successes are never to be considered predictors of future performance. There is no way for anyone to guarantee that you will succeed at anything. Everything depends on your knowledge, your resources, your intelligence, and the vagaries of any particular market. Invest responsibly. 
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